Experience the 3-week program that has people dropping body-fat and getting stronger like never before!


Why do most cuts fail?

Cutting Calories Too Low 

Cutting your calories too low will lead to lack of intensity in your training. By properly placing re-feed meals throughout the week you can ensure rapid fat loss and sustained energy.

Restricting Foods

Restricting certain foods for weeks at a time is a recipe for burnout. As long you hit your macronutrient goals you will be able to fit in foods you love while getting shredded in the process.

We'll let our athlete's results speak for themselves..

Shred Challenge Participants

I'm Ready To Start Seeing Results In My Training..

Reach Your Goals no Matter what they are.

Over the last year thousands of clients have reported that this program finally gave them the tools they needed to shed that last layer of body fat and uncover the 6 packs abs they were after. But 6 packs aren't the only thing achieved from this program. The same number of people report that this program gave them the tools to kickstart their transformations and start on a path to long term success. One of our member lost 106 LBS in 12 months. 

Steve Cook, Your Coach

"Fat loss and getting six pack abs can be one of the most challenging things to do inside and outside of the gym. Without the right programming and commitment, it simply isn't possible. That's where we come in."

Dennis Patty


Kostas Gerodimos


In this program, I got stronger, more athletic, functional, and my body looks it's best at 5% body fat. Thanks Steve Cook!

Nichole Fank


Upon doing this program, I feel empowered, educated, I feel STRONG, I feel like a true SWOLDIER. I owe it all to this program and MY MAN Steve Cook.

Down 21lbs and 6% Body Fat since I started this challenge! Couldn't be happier with the results.

Committing To The Shred Challenge Is The First Step Towards A Healthier Lifestyle.

Break the routine and experience expert programming and coaching. Show up everyday to the gym, give 100% and stay on your diet. If you do that for 21-Days, I guarantee you'll see results. 

Check out these shred results! 

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